Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Window Cleaning

Posted on: 6 June 2022

Window cleaning is a necessary but often-overlooked task. It's important to keep your windows clean not only to improve the appearance of your office but also to protect your investment. Here's what you need to know about commercial window cleaning.

What is commercial window cleaning?

Commercial window cleaning is the process of cleaning the windows of commercial buildings. This can include single-story restaurants, mid-rise apartments, and hi-rise office buildings.

What are the benefits of commercial window cleaning?

There are many benefits to keeping your windows clean, including:

  • Appearance. Clean windows make your business look more professional and inviting.
  • Protection. Dirt, grime, and pollen can potentially stain your windows over time. Regular window cleaning can prevent this.
  • Safety. Dirty windows can obscure your view, making it more difficult to spot hazards both inside and outside your office.

What are the best methods for commercial window cleaning?

There are a few different methods for commercial window cleaning, depending on the height of your commercial building, including:

  • Squeegee. A squeegee is used to clean windows by removing all the water and soap residue from your windows. This method is used on one-story buildings where the windows are hand high and the commercial window cleaner is standing safely on the ground.
  • Polework. For windows that are slightly out of reach, commercial window cleaning can be done with polework. This simply means that the squeegee is attached to a pole so the window cleaner can reach all the windows. 
  • Water-fed pole. Water-fed poles are another way to clean the windows of mid-rise buildings. This system uses purified water to clean and rinse windows. No squeegee is needed because the purified water dries streak-free.
  • Bosun chair. For hi-rise buildings, window cleaning is done with a bosun chair. This system uses a harness and ropes to lower the commercial window cleaner down to the window floor by floor in a method called 'single drops'. When the window cleaner reaches the ground floor, they unhook and take the elevator up to start another row.
  • Suspended scaffold. Suspended scaffolds are large, platform-like systems that allow window cleaners to move horizontally, as well as vertically. This method is permanently attached to the structure and is typically used for large office buildings and skyscrapers.

No matter how high or difficult the windows may appear to be to clean, commercial window cleaning crews can get the job done.

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