• Why Clean Your Carpets In Winter?

    During the summer months, you get your carpets cleaned to remove hair, dander, and pollen. You may even have your carpets tended to right before the winter season hits so you can have a fresh start for your indoors. However, winter carpet cleaning has its own benefits that you should consider. Here are reasons to consider professional carpet cleaning during the winter season. You remove odors Certain odors are related to winter, such as the smell of wood smoke from a fireplace or wood burning stove, wet dog or other pet odors, and the stench of materials that are left wet from the melted snow off of boots in the winter season.
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  • Planning On Remodeling Your Home? Check For Asbestos First

    Many people know that, like lead, asbestos can be a dangerous substance. However, most people aren't very informed about what to look for and what the risks are, and others still aren't even aware of asbestos to begin with. Here is what you need to know before you start doing anything around an older home.  What Is Asbestos? Asbestos is not a man-made chemical, as some people may think. Instead, it is a naturally occurring mineral, just like gold, silver, and diamonds.
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