Why Clean Your Carpets In Winter?

Posted on: 11 December 2018

During the summer months, you get your carpets cleaned to remove hair, dander, and pollen. You may even have your carpets tended to right before the winter season hits so you can have a fresh start for your indoors. However, winter carpet cleaning has its own benefits that you should consider. Here are reasons to consider professional carpet cleaning during the winter season.

You remove odors

Certain odors are related to winter, such as the smell of wood smoke from a fireplace or wood burning stove, wet dog or other pet odors, and the stench of materials that are left wet from the melted snow off of boots in the winter season.

You may not notice the wet and winter-related odors in your home until you've been gone for a while and return, but the smells that are in your carpets are bound to get worse without treatment. Have main carpeted areas treated professionally a few times in winter to keep winter season odors at bay.

You remove bacteria

When winter hits, many rodents and other creatures may start to come inside your home for refuge. If you don't normally bring pets inside but you allow them in at night for the winter season, then you will end up with bacteria and other debris in your carpets that can be harmful. Steam cleaning can remove much of the bacteria that causes odors and potential illness.

Keep in mind that the winter season is often the time that many people get sick with the cold and flu. Having your carpets cleaned in winter will help remove the viruses and bacteria that can make you and your family sick, especially if you have the service done at the height of the season.

You remove mud and dirt

With winter weather comes muddy boots. With muddy boots comes muddy floors and stains galore. You want to keep your carpets in as nice condition as possible, but entryways and other areas that receive high traffic will encounter some muddy issues. You can keep mud at bay more easily by using rugs and limiting footwear inside the house, but you can also have your main carpeted areas professionally cleaned to remove the existing mud and dirt that you have in the home.

Winter carpet cleaning is ideal for many reasons.  Call local carpet cleaners for services today so you can stay on top of the carpet maintenance in your home.