How Frequently Should You Clean Your Premise's Windows

Posted on: 6 May 2021

Commercial window cleaning makes your business look great, and this gives a positive impression to customers. You need to maintain sparkling windows so your clientele perceives your business as professional. Read on to learn factors that influence how fast your window panes attract dirt.  


How fast the windows of the premises attract dirt greatly hinges on where your business is situated. First, you should consider the level of traffic around your building. An office adjacent to a busy street would require regular commercial window cleaning. Due to the high foot traffic, there will always be dirt floating in the air that lands on your window panes.

If your business establishment is surrounded by trees, your windows will also require regular cleaning. While trees give your customers a beautiful ambiance, they also attract insects and birds that dirty the windows soon after they're cleaned. Regular window cleaning ensures your clientele always thinks highly of your business. 

Climatic Conditions

Climatic conditions also influence how fast your windows will attract dust and debris. An office in a very humid area will have foggy windows because of the mist that quickly forms on the glass panes. And since moist windows trap dust, you should book regular commercial window cleaning services.

Leaving moist windows uncleaned results in unsightly stains on your glass panes. The longer the stains stay on the window, the harder they are to remove. That is why storied buildings require regular high-rise window cleaning to keep stains at bay.

Quality of Window Pane

The quality of your window panes determines how much dust and debris they attract by the end of the day. Low-quality window panes tend to look dirtier than they are because high-quality window panes stay clean for longer.

Find out from your commercial window cleaning service how often you should schedule your windows to be cleaned. Professional window cleaners have experience with different windows and would recommend the most suitable cleaning schedule for your office building.

Type of Business

Naturally, businesses in the service industry have a higher stake in reassuring customers that they take sanitation and hygiene seriously. But this doesn't mean that businesses outside the service industry should ignore their windows.

Customers everywhere pay attention to the appearance of your building and use their observations to inform their perception of your company.

If a hotel's windows are dirty, the customers will be inclined to think that the owner doesn't pay attention to hygiene. The same applies to windows at a doctor's office, a local retail store, or hardware.

Regardless of the type of your business, ensure your windows aren't unsightly, as they could reflect poorly on your brand. Pay attention to how fast your windows attract dirt and liaise with commercial window cleaning services to avoid dirt accumulation.

So if you've not been cleaning your windows as frequently as you should, this is your cue to contact commercial window cleaning services. Consult a trusted cleaning service for a suitable window maintenance schedule.