How to Get the Exterior of Your Home to Look Instagram-Worthy

Posted on: 20 April 2020

Instagram is a great platform for a variety of reasons, including the ability to show off your creativity and personal design style. If you are an influencer or if you just aspire to be one, one of the best ways for you to get more followers on Instagram is by taking high-quality photographs of your surroundings. Although you can edit a lot of things like lighting and color in your photographs, you still need to set the perfect stage for a high-quality photo. 

With spring here, there is nothing better to photograph than the exterior of your home. To get it looking picture-perfect, there are a few different things that you can do. 

Have It Power Washed

With winter storms, there can be a buildup of dirt and dust on the exterior of your home which can make it look dingy. To help get your house looking as clean as possible, consider having it professionally power washed. High-pressured water will wash away dust and grime and get to hard to reach places if you have a multi-story home.

Not only will they power wash the exterior of your house, but they can also power wash areas like your patio and front porch to get off any dirt that may be caked on top of it. 

Repair Exterior Issues

Once everything is clean, you may notice things that need to be repainted or repaired. For instance, if your house has had a lot of dirt caked on the side, it may be concealing areas that need paint touch-ups. If your power washer does reveal any damage on the exterior of your home, now is a perfect time so that it doesn't' get too hot. Remember that a little bit of money spent now is better than having to spend too much money later on down the line for a significant repair. 

Stage Your Front Porch and Patio

Once everything is as clean as possible, it's time to get to business and stage everything. For pictures, remember that adding more decor is better than not having enough. For instance, if you have a side table on your front porch, stage it with some fresh flowers in a watering can to give it that complete look. Additionally, if you have a back patio, consider adding accessories like pillows, lighting, and an outdoor rug to really tie everything together. 

These few simple things are key to getting you some new likes and follows on your Instagram account. Contact companies that provide parkade cleaning services to learn more.