Storefront Window Care Tips For Small Businesses

Posted on: 8 March 2019

Your business's storefront window can be one of the most important pieces of glass in your building. The high visibility of this piece of glass, as well as its large size, can make it essential to provide it with effective care and maintenance.

Avoid Using Standard Window Cleaning Products On Lettering

It is common for enterprises to use lettering on their storefront glass as a way of advertising. Unfortunately, standard glass cleaning products can be extremely abrasive and damaging to this lettering. In fact, repeated use of these products may eventually cause the lettering to peel off the glass or develop cracks in it. Furthermore, you will want to avoid excessively scrubbing the glass as this could also cause the lettering to become damaged. To avoid these issues, it is often best to hire professional commercial window cleaning services for this task.

Repair Chips And Scuffs

If you ever notice chips or scuffs in your storefront window, you should immediately schedule repairs to be made. Replacing a storefront window can be extremely expensive due to its large size and weight. When the glass suffers chips or scuffs, the damage will gradually spread across the glass. Once this occurs, replacing the storefront window will be essential for both the appearance of your business as well as its security.

Replace Aging Lettering

Over time, the lettering on your storefront window will start to degrade. This can make it hard to read while also potentially giving customers and clients a negative impression of your enterprise. While replacing the lettering on your storefront window can be expensive, it is an essential cost. After the lettering has been applied, avoid cleaning the window for at least a day or two so that the lettering can fully bind to the glass. Otherwise, you may inadvertently cause the lettering to degrade far more quickly.

Consider Upgrades For Your Storefront Window

There are a number of upgrades and enhancements that can be made to your storefront window. One of the more common will be the addition of tints to reduce UV light or to enhance the privacy of the enterprise. For businesses that have a plain storefront window, the addition of window lettering or other graphical designs can help the enterprise to stand out among its competitors. Many of these upgrades can be made without needing to replace the pane of glass, which can help to keep these cost affordable for small businesses.